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Odyssea Water Sports Maryland
Posted: 01/19/07 Kitesurfing - Maryland - United States
9.00 Rating: 9.00

Odyssea Water Sports

Waverunner Rentals
The best in Ocean City
We offer the new 2007 Yamaha and Kawasaki four stroke models as well as the Kawasaki STX-900 and the
Yamaha XL-700 all of our waverunners
are thrilling watercraft to ride.

Also check out our beach the only rental in Ocean City were you leave and return to a sandy beach so boarding is easy
no docks to deal with and free parking

NO charge for Gas and Oil , Leave From Sandy Beach, Huge Riding Area, Reservations Recommended, Walk-Ups Welcome
Located 50th Street Bayside At the end Of Seacrets Parking Lot


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