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Product Marketing and Advertising

Especially Designed for Retailers, Shops and Manufacturing Companies of all related Extreme Sports and Travel Products.

Zolum is the perfect place to showcase your product.
Zolum is customized world wide website of extreme sports that allows you to reach the target of client searching for a very specific subjects.

This is a completely free servicewithout any strings attached or future commitments. Adding a product is very easy and takes about 2 minutes (3 minutes if you add pictures), and you need to have an account (upon approval),you can create one for free. You can add as many products as you want, edit or block (make invisible) your products anytime.

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Zolum Advantages: 

  • Quick and easy program to add your products (3 min.)
  • Custom-made web-page designed and maintained at
  • Unlimited products and images.
  • Full product information. All of your details are kept strictly confidential.

  • Link to your website, order form or link directly to your checkout or shopping cart in your website.

  • Add tags to your product to make it advertise in the sport or place that you wish.

  • Reach 1000’s of extreme sports and travel enthusiasts searching for supplies and information.

  • Excellent page rank for most search engines . Yahoo. Google. MSM . is regularly updated with current info.

How it works? 

Using our program, once you sign in, you can add products to showcase in the category that you wish.

The Products will be checked by for approval, to maintain order and the quality of publications, once we get to know you and check the authenticity of the publication they will be showcased in the website.

In your Control Panel you can add/delete/edit products anytime you like.


Register !
 Free and takes one minute.
Add your products !
Choose the category to add the product using our user friendly platform.
Wait for the Approval! 
Zolum will review your listings before they go online in hours.
Your Products are now Listed!
In the shop and also advertised in many pages thanks to the tags!
You Process the Orders!
Get customers via email, link to your website or directly into your shopping cart.

Update Product´s info!
Add/edit/delete your products anytime from your control panel.

How much does it cost?

Free to showcase

Free to register

There is No Commission fees

There is No set up fee

No prepay packages

This is
a completely free service
without any strings attached or future commitments. We make our profit from advertising only.


Start selling today!!



We do not, under any circumstances, accept any classifieds of an adult nature.
Please do not register if you were hoping to place adult classifieds as your account will be deleted without warning. Zolum is a family safe website.




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